• Rachel Lombardi

7 Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day

Are you stressed about how your wedding day will go? Don't worry, every bride is. Little hiccups will in fact happen, they always do no matter how carefully you plan but I'm here to say IT'S OKAY! :) Your planner, photographer, your families will be there to help and at the end of the day what matters is that you're MARRIED! Finally, right ;) Right now go get yourself a glass of wine or some calming tea and read the best tips to I've compiled to help you have the smoothest wedding day possible! Happy planning! xoxo

1. Declutter your getting ready space.

Before your wedding photographer arrives, make sure your getting ready area is clean and photo ready. No one wants to see duffle bags that seem to have exploded or used napkins all over the table. A clean, decluttered space saves not only your photographer time from moving things around but you time and stress moving everything around as well.

2. Lay out all your details

Either the night before or as soon as you wake up, lay out all your details in a corner so your photographer can easily access them and start photographing them immediately! This eliminates your photographer from awkwardly searching through your personal things and helps you be less stressed trying to find your shoes under piles of random things ;)

3. Send EVERYONE the schedule

Yuuuup, and I mean EVERYONE in attendance, even those you think may not need it before the wedding day. You can always have copies ready the day of in case grandma needs in. The more you communicate the less questions you’ll get the day of. And the last thing you need is a bunch of guests calling or texting you questions what time is what. ALSO, telling family members who are going to be in the family formals where to be and when for photos makes sure that no one is missing.

4. Eat Breakfast

You might feel some nerves the morning of and feel like you cant eat much but I promise you that having a full breakfast with water and your daily cup of coffee or tea will make all the difference in your mood. I’ve seen too many brides almost pass out from not having enough to eat or drink by ceremony time. One thing I noticed helped brides (and grooms!) ease some nerves is to have breakfast in the room with their bridal party and family. It quickly turns into a fun little “party.”

5. Hire a wedding planner

Literally one of the best things you can do is hire a wedding planner. They’re going to be handling all the details and logistics, helping with set up (and sometimes tear down), making sure everything is running smoothly.. all the things so you don’t have to. They know the industry super well and can help with any vendor recommendations as well.

6. Get a good nights sleep

I know, you’re gonna be so excited it’s hard to sleep! I mean, YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!! But, do your body and mind a favor and get your z’s in. Just like eating breakfast before your wedding, you’ll feel so much better throughout the day!

7. Consider a first look

But first, you’re probably wondering what in the world is a first look? It’s when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony and is a very sweet, intimate time when its just you two and you get to enjoy the moment rather than having everyone look at you as you walk down. After the first look, we can get all the bridal party and family formals done before the ceremony, so all your guests can go straight to the reception and we can have more time for more photos after the ceremony. Having a first look is highly recommended if you're having a late ceremony close to sunset but still want photos when it's light out!

I hope this helps and you feel so much better about wedding planning! Just know, we are here for you! xoxo